Gael: Mama, what does ideal mean?

Me: Ideal is what you strive for and want. Like what you want to be when you grow up.

Gael: I want to be a photographer! (Just like daddy!)

Aiden: I want to be a penguin!

Me: Hokay ….



I certainly am not Martha Stewart and I like it that way. Unfortunately, having children has forced me into more traditional and commercial ways such as buying a Christmas tree. I’ve also had to decorate the house for Halloween because “everyone else has!“. Today we put up the Halloween stuff. Nothing great, we’re not about to win the neighborhood competition but the boys are happy so that’s good enough. We have a skeleton/skull and bats theme going. After everything was up Aiden stands on the sidewalk, stretches his arms and proudly announces “Skeletons and Gentlemen, welcome to the skeleton house!”


Gael: Mama, I think I was chubby when I was a baby.

Me: You think so?

Gael: Yeah. I think you look kinda chubby now.


Gael: Just a little but. Only here.

And he pinches the big, fat flat on my arms.


Paco travels a lot and the boys are really used to it. So much so that they’ve become Skype addicts. We Skype with Paco wherever he is, my sister in New York, my brother in his office in Malate! They just wanna Skype as much as they can. Yesterday Aiden and I drop Paco of at the airport for a two-day trip. Paco gives Aiden a big good-bye kiss, Aiden smiles at him and says “I’ll chat with you later on the macuter, Daddy.”


As a reward for being such a trooper getting a root canal last Friday, we told Aiden he could pick any toy he wanted at the store. The animal lover picked a wooden emperor penguin and a rubber killer whale. With Aiden you have to be very specific about animals, especially penguins.

Paco: What’s the penguin’s name Aiden?
Aiden: Cody Maverick.
Paco: Because he surfs? (He is a Surf’s Up fanatic.)
Aiden: Yes!
Me: What’s the name of the whale?
Aiden: The killer whale is Free Willy.
Me: Just like the movie?
Aiden: No, because he is free years old like me.


Yesterday we were having a lazy after lunch Sunday, lying in bed. Gael tells me he has a new kiss to show me. Ah, kisses. I love kisses from boys especially from my two little ones. He purses his lips and gives me a big fat one on the lips while he twists his head right and left over and over again. “That certainly is a new kiss.” Sheesh, I don’t even want to know where this 5-year-old learned how to kiss this way. “It’s a loverboy kiss.” He informs me with an ear to ear grin.

Hmmmmm ……


Last Sunday Aiden and I pick Paco up at the airport from a long trip. His first flight was delayed, almost missed connecting and they lost his luggage. Of course Aiden wants to be part of the conversation and asks 89 questions.

Paco: My flight from Madrid was delayed an hour so when I got to Amsterdam I had to run to the gate so I wouldn’t miss my flight.
Aiden: Why did you run?
Paco: To catch the airplane.
Aiden: Why did you catch the airplane?
Paco: So I could fly home to see you.
Aiden: But you’re not a bird, daddy, you can’t fly.